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crystalweaver ([personal profile] crystalweaver) wrote2012-01-14 01:38 pm

Source Code review

Watched Source Code last night with my family.

I really liked it for the most part! The concept was interesting—although realistically it probably makes no sense whatsoever, I didn’t really care in the least because the movie wasn’t about the sci-fi elements, it was about using those as a device to paint a portrait about life and people. There was a decent amount of trite “lol hollywood” to it, yeah, but there also felt like there was a spark of something really genuine there, more than I’m used to seeing in most modern cinema, at least. I’m also a sucker for time loop stories that feel like they’re pulled off at least relatively well, and I did like how the main character’s reactions to the whole situation he was stuck in were handled for the most part (my favorite part was how even after being told that whatever he did on the train wouldn’t affect anything, and he only had limited time to save thousands of lives, he immediately prioritized doing things for himself and trying to call his dad first—it felt nicely “human” to me).

But unfortunately the ending… really kind of ruined it for me, to a degree? I think it robbed the story of a lot of its power. I really, really liked the idea of whatever he changed on the train being ultimately futile in reality, yet in the very end giving a single man peace of mind before he dies, setting things right if only in fantasy. It would’ve been a bittersweet ending, one with a lot of power and that can change how “satisfying” of an ending it was in the eye of the beholder.

…But nope, then we got LOL PARALLEL UNIVERSES EVERYTHING WAS OKAY, leaving us with way more questions than there really needed to be left hanging. It also felt kind of cheap and plastic, especially since our main character is stepping into a completely new life as this poor guy Sean, without seeming to give a single fuck. And I just. It wasn’t the kind of ending I wanted for this movie at all?

Basically I was expecting Umineko and then it suddenly went full-blown Higurashi on me.

And that was the moment when I knew WTC had ruined my life.